VeriFone VX680


The world’s smallest, portable payment device is packed with
robust performance retailers demand. Specially designed with
superior components for businesses where speed, convenience
and durability are essential. With the VeriFone VX 680 industry
leading security, unparalleled speed, NFC-capability,  gateway
and the recurring revenue stream. Durability meets capability.

  EMV Terminal
                              Installation Guide For VX680

Verifone VX680  
VeriFone VX680 - Better Built Wireless Terminal

• Built with the highest-grade components such as
keypads that can withstand one million key presses
and smart card readers built for 500,000 insertions

• Bottom-loading printer to protect from spills and sealed spill-resistant keypad to stand up against the toughest environments
• The ultimate in security protection with EMV, PCI
PED 2.0, all paired with VeriShield Total Protect which
eliminates usable data from merchant applications
and networks by encrypting it from end-to-end
• Failure proof protection from shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, ESD, power line disturbance, RF emissions and RF immunity  
• Superior gateway that offers easy access to
detailed reports, back-end support and much more
• Variety of wireless options, including GPRS,
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Easy-to-use familiar touch screen functions • OTA downloads, saving time and effort  


User Guide VX680 Brochure VX680

• 400 mHz ARM11 RISC processor delivers power and usability in a convenient “hand-over” design

• Securely supports and runs payment and value-added applications along with signature capture

• Multi-application operating environment • Offers unsurpassed performance on EMV smart card
• Advanced memory architecture to meet tomorrow’s needs with support for 192 MB • Max UI design provides large 3.5” color QVGA display, and large blue backlit keys for easier viewing
• Backward compatibility with VeriFone solutions help reduces development costs • Adds vibrant color and touch screen to the smallest purpose-built wireless payment device
• Drop resistant design minimizes breakage • Multiple connectivity and Contactless options
• 32-bit processing and multi-tasking capabilities • Spill-resistant design forces liquid down
• Security architecture exceeds specifications for PCI • USB support for VeriFone peripheral devices
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